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Weight Loss Clinic

With Tauna Young FNP-C

"What?  Why is someone who specializes in psychiatry offering        treatments for weight loss?"  To this question I would answer this: If you think about it, psychiatry is in fact the PERFECT specialty to help with weight loss. 

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I got you. I feel you.  I hear you.  I am here.  No judgements.

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Think about it; what types of issues have caused you problems with weight loss efforts in the past?  Is it your mental game or your physical game that gets in the way?  For most people, the mental game is the real challenge.  I have integrated treatments which support weight loss into my practice.  For many people this means starting with a thorough medical assessment for health problems such as thyroid disease, hormonal imbalances, insulin resistance, cholesterol issues and much more.  For others a thorough mental health/psychiatry assessment is warranted.  Others may be interested in medical weight loss options such as phentermine, naltrexone, Saxenda, Contrave, etc. Call to set up a time to talk TODAY. 

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