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Where is your self care?

One of the most complicated relationships many of us will ever have is the relationship with ourselves. The value of a skilled and compassionate mental health provider cannot be overstated, but at the core of mental wellness is self care. It is commonly understood that the quality of interpersonal relationships is affected by the amount of kindness, forgiveness, positive habits and acts of love that are applied to each relationship. It should not be surprising that our relationships with ourselves rely upon similar concepts to be effective and healthy. Just as our most important relationships with others are often fragile and require daily attention, so does our relationship with ourselves! Most of us know how to care for ourselves physically, but we often forget to care for ourselves emotionally. The attached link provides a self care worksheet that is a GREAT resource for learning ways to cultivate positive and effective habits in our relationships with ourselves. As always, I'm here to help however I can and my office is always a safe judgement-free zone. Call to set up an appointment any time.


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