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  • Tauna Young, FNP-C

Mental Health Awareness

May is MentalHealth Awareness month!

What a great time to assess your mental health or offer support to those you love. Mental illnesses are often experienced similarly to wearing a dirty or darkened pair of glasses, creating for the individual a distorted view of their environment. Although mental health medications are not a "solution to your problems in a magic pill", they can essentially remove the debris from the glasses and allow an unobstructed view of life as it truly is. With this newfound clarity, people are better positioned to take a fresh look at their thoughts, beliefs, relationships, habits, and life as a whole. In my practice I offer both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments. I love to partner with people who want to take an active role in their treatment plan.

Whenever you are ready, I am ready to listen.

My office is always a safe and judgement-free zone.

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