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A child's mental illness is not a reflection of bad parenting

The most difficult times for parents occur when their child is struggling. The tough job of parenting is laced with a wide range of emotions including guilt, shame, panic, confusion, exhaustion and love.

In a culture of blame, shame and comparative functioning, it is easy for parents to assume that children struggle as a result of ineffective parenting. When children are mentally ill, the struggle can become even more confusing for even the most attentive parents. A useful outlook for parents with mentally ill children is to understand that mental illness is not a reflection of bad parenting, bad families, or poor parent-child relationships.

Children with untreated mental illnesses will struggle regardless of parenting styles. When parents remove themselves as a potential causative factor for the illness of a child, they are better positioned to seek out appropriate therapies and treatment plans for their child. In my practice, I treat patients of all ages. If you’ve wondered if your child could benefit from a psychiatric assessment, please don’t hesitate to today. 208-996-1700

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