Alex Wills MD

Graduate - University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho

Undergraduate - Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA
Biology and Psychology 
B.A., Biology 

Hobbies and interests:

  • Family: Reading, puzzles, playing, laughing with my girls

  • Music: Piano, guitar, singing, composing, listening, Karaoke

  • Writing: Creative, educational, comedy

  • Travel: Exploring, learning, adventure, exotic cuisine, engaging with other cultures

  • Sports: kite surfing, surfing, snowboarding, hiking, water skiing, wake boarding, Frisbee, rock climbing

  • Academic: Study, ongoing personal interest in psychotherapy, psychopharmacology


  • Spanish: Certified in intermediate level Spanish proficiency by Don Quixote (language school) after 3 months of immersion in Salamanca, Granada and Barcelona, Spain

  • Japanese: Two years' experience of living and studying Japanese in Japan; currently living in bilingual home with Japanese-speaking wife and bilingual daughter(s).

  • Hebrew: Some Hebrew from our time in Israel

Other Awards/Accomplishments:

  • Achieved Top Scores on Standardized Psychiatry Exams (PRITE and Child PRITE)

    • ranked number one out of 28 residents/fellows in Neurology (99th percentile nationwide)

    • ranked in the 98th percentile nationwide on the Child PRITE out of over 800 fellows

  • Ranked by students: Top ESL teacher - Hokkaido, Japan 

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