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Christopher Goddard, LCPC

Counseling and Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

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     Christopher “Skip” Goddard has worked in mental health for nearly 20 years.  An Idaho Native, he grew up in East Idaho and would eventually graduate with a Bachelor of Science in 2003 from Boise State University.  He would then discover a passion for working with people and through working as a bachelor level Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist for several years.  He then enrolled in a Transpersonal Counseling Psychology program at Naropa University in Boulder, CO. where he earned a Master of Arts.  


     Skip has been a Licensed Professional Counselor in Idaho since 2010 and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor since 2017.  Through years of training and experience, he has developed a unique and holistic approach to psychotherapy, based in mindfulness and contemplation.   Skip assists his clients to explore their conscious experience in a supportive and person-centered manner using meditation, trauma informed hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical-behavior therapy and various applied clinical interventions.  Skip believes that the key to psychological well being and growth comes through an ability to fully accommodate emotion and experience the present moment as it arises.   


     When Skip is not engaged in his clinical practice, he can be found exploring the Idaho wilderness or snowboarding and biking with his two young sons.

Call our office at 208-996-1700 to schedule.

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